Visiting Lecturer at UWE

Posted on March 21, 2013

In 2007 I joined the University of the West of England (UWE) as a Visiting Lecturer on the Graphic Design degree course, working there between one and two days a week. In my time at UWE I’ve contributed to the Mark Making, Motion and Professional Practice modules and as a tutor to final year students. Working both in a small team of lecturers and individually I’ve prepared, set and marked coursework, as well as running tutorials, activities, workshops, group critiques, delivering talks and interviewing candidates for entry to the course.

Often students see web design as a dry technical subject where there is limited room for creative input or visual flair. I do my best to show them how some of the most successful sites and online campaigns have at their core a simple idea contrived by a practicing graphic designer. Also how a basic understanding of the elements of web design can mean the exciting possibility of designing experiences as well as visual material.

I find it rewarding being able to bring relevant experience to students and it has helped keep me fresh and enthusiastic for my commercial career. I enjoy seeing the students take the basics they have been taught and create something unexpected that surpasses my expectations.