HTML5 Game

Posted on October 14, 2013

Mobile and desktop HTML5 game “Find and Create”  designed for the CBeebies programme Show Me Show Me. The animations were created in Adobe Edge Animate. Produced whilst freelancing for Aardman Animations.

Show Me Show Me: Find and Create, an HTML5 game where the player must hunt out seemingly bland household objects, but once they’ve found them all they transform into weird and wonderful creatures! We intentionally built the game entirely in the DOM so it would work in browsers as old as IE8. We also used Adobe Edge to create Javascript reward animations that would work on all devices, and a custom audio solution utilising Soundmanager 2, Howler.js and more to get audio working across all devices.

Find and Create has enabled children to interact with the Show Me Show Me brand on mobile and tablet devices for the first time and has proved very popular, helping showcase the new environments for Series 2 of the show.
From the Aardman website

Instruction Screen

Game Screen


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