Atomised installation

Posted on April 18, 2014

An installation in a barn on Bathampton meadows, which is under threat of compulsory purchase in order for Bath Council to build a Park & Ride scheme. The council has chosen to go for the easy, short-term and ineffectual option rather than looking at the problem of road traffic more holistically.

The installation is based on a photo of the meadows and shows the colour distribution within a 3D-histogram. The colour space is partitioned into equally divided color cells. Each cell is represented by a sphere with a volume proportional to the frequency of the colour. The placement of the cell within the space is based on its RGB value.

The work represents one possible future for the meadows. The installation was created to help keep the spotlight on the issue in the press and bring another voice to the growing opposition to the destruction of this beautiful piece of countryside.

Atomised has been featured in: Bath Echo | Bath Chronicle | Bath Life

‘Making of’ video


I was invited to give a talk to the enthusiastic kids of Batheaston Primary about the project. It was inspiring to see them so engaged with the campaign in general and know that the project may have sparked their imaginations. Led by their art teacher Alison Smith they created their very own mini-atomised sculptures.

Inspired by David Gillett and his art installation at New Leaf Farm, we based our work on photos of our beautiful countryside in Batheaston, not just the meadows as we value all of our countryside and want to protect it.

Atomised logo

Atomised logo