Cracking Flash

Cracking Flash

Series of animated banners created for Wallace & Gromit’s World of Cracking ideas website. Produced whilst freelancing for …Continue Reading

Flash training

Whilst working for Complete Control I designed and ran a two day workshop for the Multinational OMRON electronics …Continue Reading

Photo credit: Remco Merbis

Work in 5-9

I’m honoured to say that my personal project 26 by 26 is featured in the beautifully crafted 5-9 book. I was asked to give a short talk at the book launch. More →

Cracking PDFs

Cracking PDFs

Series of printable activities designed for Wallace & Gromit’s World of Cracking ideas website. Created whilst freelancing for Aardman Digital. More →

NERF game

NERF Flash game designed for Nickelodeon. Created whilst freelancing for Galactus.


I was involved in over ten Orange projects whilst working for Digerati, from initial workshops to final designs and Flash prototyping. More →

Game // Nessy // Complete Control

Nessy games

The goal of Nessy is to make reading and writing fun for dyslexic children by cleverly combining literacy exercises within action games. More →


Skanska’s World of Sustainability

Website design and Flash development for Skanska’s World of Sustainability, created whilst freelancing for VisionReel. The site makes …Continue Reading

Graphic Teasign

Graphic Teasign

The Project — to ask my colleagues if they’d like a tea in a multitude of different ways. More →